I’m Kathleen Meil. I live in Rockport, Maine with my husband, our two young children, and one big dog.  There’s a stream raging through our backyard, headed toward the big lake down the street and the ocean just beyond.  We see all sorts of birds flitting through our woods, and make homes for the fairies, though we never see them.

My husband and I are both writers.  Our house is full of books and notebooks and stories waiting to be told.

Since I became a mother, many of my stories have been about motherhood.  Writing has helped me make sense of my experience and connect with other creative mamas.  The circuitous path of blogging has led me into many other stories – stories about art and design, home and garden, energy work and energy efficiency.  I’ve discovered that I love to crawl inside the heart of a small business or the head of an artist and then write my way out, crafting business materials that double as biographies.

AvidWord is home to my personal stories, my literary reflections, and my professional portfolio.

Welcome.  Start exploring, and let me know what you think.

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